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Didn't Happen of the Year Awards
... to transform into whatever it is you want to be and I'm excited to see you LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE! http://Shauntfitness.com/book pic.twitter .com/sywzS4mWXW
... you are from the European Union, get active now, go to https://pledge2019.eu and ask your representative to #SaveYourInternetpic. twitter.com/mtBKaqIX9W
10% goes to the Gary Kelly Centre and be in with a chance to Win 2 Business Class Flights with @TurkishAirlines #United100pic.twitter.com/HLG08qmzIW
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... Phoenix 3.31 Albuquerque 4.02 Houston 4.03 Austin 4.04 Dallas on all dates: Bugg / Skourge / Result Of Choice also on LA: DAREpic.twitter .com/s8lnQvhFRH
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We can't wait to play a couple of hometown gigs for you.pic.twitter .com/LjKmyvoDbs
Tickets are on sale now so head to to get yours if you haven't yet. Can't wait for this!pic.twitter.com/EHggfpEokL
... a chance to win TWO special props from the movie!!! Must follow @AMCTheatres to be entered. Get tix: http://amc.film/2Rwv4pY pic.twitter .com/LdJH8ekRVa
... …pic.twitter.com/e7mlePVIFk
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Lauren Graham
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DMs are open, I can't keep up with replies! No need to censor your submissions. means direct quote [ ] means commentary]pic.twitter .com/5LZhAeViPx
Wow I didn't think these things actually workedpic.twitter.com/1FIFPH2dvE
... and the rest of the shirts are on sale: https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/4459061-wisdom-nerd?ref_id=1499 …pic.twitter.com/k9b4yxeIw8
... special interests won't stop us from fighting for livable wages and better care. Show support: http://seiu.org/RiseUpHomeCare pic.twitter .com/rOvK6Yumyj
... we don't need and innovate, so what we do need is circulated and never becomes pollution. See our first progress report here http://bit.ly/2VSy5mW ...
Curing the incurable looks like this. cc @joerogan @jockowillink @kevinrose @sacca @samharrisorg @foundmyfitnesspic.twitter.com/SYXd5LoWOz
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... You could get Alan Walker T-shirt and 1-Year Anniversary Avatar as permanent gift.#BeTheOne #PUBGMHBD #PUBGMXAWpic.twitter.com/VARutH1WJS
We'll have more details on this year's #TWT, so don't miss it. Watch the livestream at http://twitch.tv/tekken pic.twitter.com/ix3FJo5xt1
It would mean a lot to me if y'all could take a sec to get him right by voting here: https://bit.ly/2TOL1wS pic.twitter.com/p4DYKf1uvd
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Elon Musk
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Please join us to receive updates and discuss latest news: https://t.me/EN_HitBTC and https://t.me/ES_HitBTC pic.twitter.com/qjPC9xoDSY
Don't delay, register today! Save an additional US$50 when you use discount code WM19-SOCIAL at checkout. #Wealth2019 https://cfa.is/2UH3lFt ...
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Get your copy now before it hits stores in May!pic.twitter.com/VvyfyOEMy4
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Toni Kroos
find tweets from a specific date range
The Times of London
Peter Mayhew
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Don't miss it. The most TRUTHFUL and HONEST Breakdown you'll get!!! http://www.westwoodonepodcasts.com/pods/truth-with-consequences/ … … …pic. twitter.com/ ...
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How hard is it to have a conversation on Twitter? So hard even the CEO can't do it.
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For more information, check out http://www.pathofexile.com/synthesis pic. twitter.com/Ehw7qmzFaX
Jack CouRage Dunlop
Twitter says people are tweeting more, but not longer, with 280-character limit
Laurence Fox
James Cracknell
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University of Toronto
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... of tweets. On top of that, there's the ability to see when your, or another account's, followers are most active (although if you have more than 25k ...
... @jempy_drucker | @gatto_oscar | @Daniel87Oss | @petosagan DS: Enrico Poitschke | Ján Valach #BORAhansgrohe #Lineup #MSRpic.twitter.com/h2tlkpCvsV
https://shop.overwatchleague.com/seoul-dynasty/t -54479125+z-800595-4248048291?_s=bm-SeoulDynasty-SEODY-OWL_TLP-Twitter-2019 … *US/CA Only, Global Coming ...
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King Push
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Sarah Silverman
The Guardian
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More Details & links to major @OriginalFunko Don't Starve retailers here: https://shop.klei.com/dont-starve-funko-pops …pic.twitter.com/3OVtWKBIiW
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Netflix US
... More (Part 1 - 10-6) https://www.vpesports.com/csgo/news/thorins-top-10-csgo-line-ups-that-left-us-wanting-more-part-1-10-6 …pic.twitter.com/FUbOm7IHJq
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Don't miss it. Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Last Scene Alive 5-7pm Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Reap What You Sew 7-9pmpic.twitter.com/R01pty98gH
Stephen King
Novak Djokovic
... which I guess was supposed to be a power move? anyone who has received something similar, feel free to reach out.pic.twitter.com/LIiV4CEp3Z
Donald Trump ordering Twitter followers to commit murder may not be grounds for ban, Jack Dorsey says
Birds Aren't Real
Can't wait to perform at the amazing @henleyfestival on Thursday July 11th.
Twitter Security
This #childrenshospitalweek, join me in creating miracles with @cmnhospitals and put your money where the miracles are!pic.twitter .com/bL2hmAiXjs
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What a cast! I think you're gonna bloody love it. Please: Watch | Like | Comment | Share Link: https://youtu.be/Z-CEmG0kqZk pic.twitter .com/b81Urmw7bk
@machinegunkelly didn't waste any time breaking out the new @obj @Browns jersey.pic.twitter.com/4vwu3nsNk5 – at Auto Club Speedway