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2003 MIM Telecaster Agave Blue Fender Guitars in 2019 t
2003 MIM Telecaster Agave Blue Music Guitar, Fender Guitars, Guitars, Guitar
2001 Fender Telecaster Tele MIM Made in Mexico white electric guitar | Reverb Fender Standard Telecaster
Blue Agave was a colour option for the MIM Standards produced between 2003 and 2006.
My 1995 fender telecaster mim with noiseless pickups. Rumor is these were made in US
[ IMG]
Fender MIM Stratocaster HH Special Edition 2014 Black
the mim
1996 fender Telecaster MIM Red with Maple Fingerboard and Grey pearloid pickguard
I can't quite pinpoint what this color would be, I thought maybe Ice Blue Metallic? According to the SN it's a 2002-2003 MIM Strat. Thanks for the help!
I am trying to identify exactly what color this bass is, and I'm not sure how. It is a 2003 MIM. Anyone know what it is?
the mim
[ IMG] [ IMG]
2001 Fender Deluxe Roadhouse Stratocaster MIM
2000 Fender Telecaster Midnight Blue Mexico MIM
For Seanboy. Finally got it home, bought it for my daughter. I think it is probably blue agave. Thanks again for your help.
I picked up a 2002 Highway One strat and laid away a 2002 MIM Strat in Agave Blue(I also laid away the matching Agave Blue MIM Telecaster)
[ IMG]
Wan't to see some BLUE GUITARS
Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar Burgundy Made in Mexico (MIM) 1999-2000 Fender Telecaster
the mim
Sunburst Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar strat mim with hard case standard
two blue
Cool, can't believe I haven't seen this before! I have a 2010 MIM strat, in candy apple red, my favourite Fender colour, saved up for ages to get it, ...
Fender FSR Standard Telecaster Silverburst
2014 MIM Special Edition 60's Strat Daphne Blue (Nitrocellulose, so it sits on a cloth) with vintage staggered Alnico 5 pickups
2018 Fender Player Stratocaster Strat BODY + HARDWARE Stratocaster Black
84 MIJ Strat
Fender Stratocaster MIM 2004 “50th Anniversary Edition”
1994 Fender Telecaster MIM Black with Maple Fingerboard top loader
2019 Fender American Performer Jazzmaster LOADED BODY USA Satin Lake Placid Blue
I thought hers might be the 50's version of this but hers is 21 frets.
Fender Stratocaster Body MIM
Fender Jazz Bass Sage Green 2002-2004 Mexico MIM Rosewood
Brothers #fenderstratocaster #fender #strat #straturday #squire #telecaster #customguitarpainting #
[ IMG]
NGD Color?
just in fender guitars mij 66 jaguar ri mim telecaster.
Another Strat in for the full works, well wine-not 🤠 Mark's 2003 Wine
[ IMG]
Your personal guitar/instrument history - Page 3 - The Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum
The 2002 American Deluxe Fender Telecaster Guitar in Candy Tangerine
Fender Telecaster Nashville Deluxe Series! White Blonde Maple MIM Mexico White Blonde, Fender Telecaster
... in. Inlays: Split Crown Bridge: TonePros System with RMC Piezo Binding: Cream Tuners: Grover Hardware: Chrome Pickups: Duncan Design HB-102
2017 2018 Fender MIM Duo Sonic Modern Player loaded body blue
Fender Stratocaster Lake Placid Blue mim
My PRS Custom 24 looks pretty good - subtle but green
Post Your Favorite Telecaster Colors
... in. Inlays: Split Crown Bridge: TonePros System with RMC Piezo Binding: Cream Tuners: Grover Hardware: Chrome Pickups: Duncan Design HB-102
classic vibe vs mim telecaster guitar comparison. fender standard telecaster mim
NGD- Telecaster
Image is loading Rare-Color-2002-Blue-Frost-Mist-MIM-Fender-
[ IMG]
[ IMG]
NGD Color?
Electric Guitar Body- Peavey partially loaded blue- item peav5030
NGD: MIM Strat
Fender Telecaster Special Edition MIM Blue Mexico
Limited Edition pink 69 reissue thinline tele
[ IMG]
the mim. Image Image
Nice little refurb on my new 95 mexican strat! #guitar #fender #stratocaster
Fender 50th Anniversary Stratocaster electric guitar - MIM- 2004 - Aztec Gold
[ IMG] ...
1994 mim telecaster special sunburst fender guitars in 2019.
[ IMG]
By thin CA, do you mean watered down crazy glue? Here's a pic of the guitar. Aside from the crack it is great. Think it's Agave Blue? 2003 mim tele ...
Nice little refurb on my new 95 mexican strat! #guitar #fender #stratocaster
Also, if you like a more fancy look with ebony board, nice block inlays, flame maple tops. look for a '03-'05 Explorer pro. not mine.
hand built guitar
I just had to spray contact cleaner into the pickup selector switch once when it got scratchy, otherwise it's been perfect. I got it used with a tweed case ...
2018 Fender Offset Mustang PJ Bass LOADED BODY Guitar Parts Sonic Blue
... in. Inlays: Split Crown Bridge: TonePros System with RMC Piezo Binding: Cream Tuners: Grover Hardware: Chrome Pickups: Duncan Design HB-102
again, not mine, though I wish it were, here's Ice Metallic Blue:
#newguitar #fender
If you notice the string holes IMG_20150910_051826.jpg
good deal 2005 mim telecaster fender stratocaster guitar forum.